How to Find a Blog Niche?

Blog Niche

In the modern era, blogging has become more popular, and people earn through blogging, but writing a blog is not an easy task for those who are new to blogging.

The most important thing in blogging and writing a blog post is to find a trending and ranking keyword or niche. When you find a proper niche, you can write. So we talk about how to find a proper niche and the 20 most profitable blog niches for writing articles.

Introduction to Blog Niche

A blog niche is a specific topic or keyword about which we write our overall articles. Niche is basically the general category of our blogs on which we write our content.

Select Good Niche

When we are selecting our blog niche based on our interest, choice, and quality of topic, we must follow some basic requirements that are compulsory to start the journey of a blog and to become successful in it. These basic points are given below:

Interest and passion: Choose a blog niche about which you know better and on which topic you can write according to your interest. Choose a blog niche in which you are passionate.

Profitable niche: While selecting a blog niche, keep in mind that it should be more profitable and that many people will like and read it according to its profit.

Expertise: Choose a blog niche in which you can write in an expert way.

Audience interest: You can also keep in mind the interests of your audience while selecting a niche. When you are starting the journey of your blog, target audience interest is more important than your own interest.

Competition: The blog niche that you select should be properly searched out, and there is good competition for this niche in the market. You should search out your blog niche, competition, volume, and difficulty. So it can be easily monetized and profitable.

Keyword search: keyword search is a main factor in selecting your blog niche.

These points are really important in blogging and selecting your niche. Follow all these points; it should be profitable for you.

20 Most Profitable Blog Niches

Here we discuss the 20 most profitable blog niches with more subniches that will help you start your blogging journey in 2023:


Travel is an important and most searched out blog niche we can write many subniches and topics about travel. Subniches are given below:

  • Luxury travel
  • Family travel
  • Budget travel
  • Adventure travel
  • Solo travel
  • Cultural travel

Lifestyle and Fashion

If you are interested in lifestyle and fashion, you can choose this niche according to your interests. Subniches for lifestyle and travel are:

  • Home décor and Dye
  • Personal development
  • Beauty and makeup
  • Fashion trends and styling
  • Parenting and family life
  • Simple living

Health and Wellness

This is the most profitable blog niche in 2023. You can start following subniche ideas for this niche:

  • Fitness and exercise
  • Mental health and self care
  • Weight loss and management
  • Yoga and mediation
  • Alternative medicine

Personal Finance

Personal finance is the fastest-growing blog niche, and I have written down some of it’s sub-niches below. If you have an interest in finance, you can dive into it.

  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Investing and Retirement Planning
  • Financial Education for Beginners
  • Debt Management
  • Passive Income
  • Frugal Living

Food and Cooking:
If You are a Food lover or have a good sense of cooking, you can choose it.

  • Recipe Collections (e.g., Desserts, Vegetarian, Quick Meals)
  • Cooking methods and Tips
  • Ethnic and International Cuisine
  • Baking and Pastry
  • Food Photography and Styling
  • Culinary Travel and Exploration

Technology and Gadgets

Technology and gadgets are one of most growing niches in the field of blogging you can choose it but remember that you interest is priority So, choose it according to your choice

  • Smartphone Reviews and Tips
  • Software and App Development
  •  Tech How-Toes and Tutorials
  •  Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  •  Internet Security and Privacy
  • Sports and gaming

Home and DIY

Home and DIY are also an interesting and important niche, as well as I have explained some of its sub niches below

  • Home Improvement and Renovation
  • Interior Design and Décor
  •  Gardening and Landscaping
  •  Organization and Decluttering
  •  Sustainable Living at Home
  • DIY Crafts and Projects

Art and Creativity

Art and creativity is also a profitable blog niche you can choose it;

  •  Drawing and Illustration
  • Photography and Photo Editing
  • Creative Writing and work
  •  Music and Music Production
  •  Crafting and DIY Art Projects
  •  Art History and Critique


It’s basically need of time and if you are good consultant about parenting you can choose it ;

  • Single Parenting
  •  Homeschooling and Education
  •  Pregnancy and Newborn Care
  •  Toddler and Child Development
  •  Parenting Hacks and Tips
  •  Special Needs Parenting

Career and Professional Development

If you are looking for a good career and professional development, you can choose this blog niche because expertise matters.

  • Leadership and Management
  •  Personal Branding and networking
  •  Resume Building and Job Searching
  •  Career Transitions and Change
  •  Startups and Entrepreneurship
  •  Freelancing and Remote Work

Relationships and Dating

It’s also an important blog niche that you can choose further are some of its sub niches:

  • Dating Advice and Tips
  •  Long-Term Relationship Tips Marriage and Partnership
  •  LGBTQ+ Relationship
  •  Relationship Solutions an challenges
  •  Communication and Emotional Intelligence

Education and Learning

Some of sub niches of education and learning are following:

  •  Online Learning Platforms and Courses
  • Study Tips and Techniques
  •  Language Learning and Linguistics
  •  Educational Technology and Tools
  •  Homeschooling Resources
  •  Adult and Continuing Education

Self-Improvement and Productivity

Self-Improvement and Productivity is also profitable blog niche you can consider it if you are going to start your own blog,

  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  •  Time Management and Productivity Hacks
  •  Personal Growth and Development
  •  Mindfulness and Well-Being
  •  Habit Formation and Breaking
  •  Motivational Stories and Inspiration

Science and Nature

You can choose it if you have interest in science and nature;

  •  Astronomy and Space Exploration
  • Physics and Quantum Mechanics
  • Earth Sciences and Geology
  •  Environmental Conservation
  • Biology and Natural Sciences
  • Zoology and Animal Behavior

Sports and Fitness

Sports and fitness is also one of most profitable blog niches some of its sub niches are following:

  •  Soccer/Football
  •  Running and Marathon Training
  • Cycling and Biking
  •  Swimming and Water Sports
  •  Extreme Sports and Adventure Races
  • Basketball


Marketing is most trending and best blog niche. Subniches of marketing given below:

  • Content marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Copywriting


Sale is best and mostly used blog niche i describes subniches of sales are given:

  • Sales process and strategy
  • Sales software and apps
  • B2B sale
  • B2C sale
  • Sales management

Design and Development

Having website in nowadays of digital media is necessary. Development and designing is most trending and vast field for choosing a good niche:

  • Web designing
  • UI/UX designing
  • Wb development
  • App development
  • ecommerce
  • Software development


News publication is also a good niche for blog posts for those users who wants to read news:

  • Political news
  • sports
  • Local
  • Pop culture
  • Silicon valley
  • Investigation articles


Entertainment is emerging topic subniches are:

  • Movie reviews
  • Music reviews
  • TV shows guide
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Dramas reviews

Your Own Journey

If you want to share your successful journey,

  • Child-free life
  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Nomadic lifestyle
  • Dealing with depression
  • Interesting events of life

Final Words

This blog is beneficial for you to select a profitable niche. Choose your niche from the ones above according to your interests and write a blog post. Follow all the requirements of the blog post. Select a good and interesting topic according to your and the audience’s interests.


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