How to Make Money with Blogging?

Make Money with Blogging

Make money with blogging is like a dream for some people. We can write blogs from anywhere in the world, according to the topic of our choice. We can share interesting topics and amazing things through blogging and make a lot of money by using these skills.

Make money with blogging may take some time and a lot of hard work, but if you keep going, you can achieve success and make money according to your dreams.

How to Start a Blog?

First of all, you should know about what is blogging? and you should choose a topic for blogging from which your audience gets attracted to your posts. You should learn about the tools, and you need a domain and hosting to start blogging.

Every successful blog consists of high-quality content, a good keyword, and a good niche for ranking their articles on Google. If you want help selecting a profitable niche, you can see this article: How to find perfect blog niche? After that, you turn your website traffic into money.

Is it Easy to Make Money with Blogging?

As you know, you can earn a good and high income through blogging. Do you remember these easy tips? After following these points, you may know that it is very easy to make money through blogging. Some of these are written below:

  • You can make money through blogging even if you are a profitable and effective writer.
  • To bring in revenue in your blog, it is possible to use more than one strategy
  • A successful blogger can make money with blogging using more than one strategy

10 Steps to Make Money with Blogging

Follow these profitable steps to start blogging and monetize your blogging posts and efforts More traffic to your blog makes you more money. These steps are given below:

1. Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

When we are selecting our blog niche based on our interest, choice, and quality of topic, we must follow some basic requirements that are compulsory to start the journey of a blog and to become successful in it. These basic points are given below:

Interest and passion: Choose a blog niche about which you know better and on which topic you can write according to your interest. Choose a blog niche in which you are passionate. Choose a blog niche in which you can write in an expert way.

Profitable niche: While selecting a blog niche, keep in mind that it should be more profitable and that many people will like and read it according to its profit.

Audience interest: You can also keep in mind the interests of your audience while selecting a niche. When you are starting the journey of your blog, audience interest is more important than your own interest.

Competition: The blog niche that you select should be properly searched out, and there is good competition of this niche in the market. You should search out your blog niche, competition, volume, and difficulty. So it can be easily monetized and profitable.

Keyword search: keyword search is a main factor in selecting your blog niche.

For searching niches or finding profitable blog topics, you can visit the 20 best profitable blog niches.

2. Scale Your Blog Content

After selecting a good blog niche, it is now very necessary to start writing good, quality content. When you start writing your blog posts, keep in mind the research and planning behind your article. Your articles can influence the financial success of your blog as well as the content itself.

  • As you start creating quality content and want to scale your business, you should upload new and updated content according to the quality and need of your blog posts.
  • It should address the needs of your target audience and offer them a good solution. They target keywords with high search volumes.
  • To get more traffic and audience, you need to upload fresh and updated content instantly. If you are building your online presence, it is very profitable for you.

3. Build a Reputation

If you create a large amount of quality content, establish yourself as an authority in your field. Always collaborate with experts. If you want to establish credibility and build an audience, you have to work closely with experts in this field.

Reach out to professionals within your blog niches. For example, if you follow a successful guest writer or favorite publication, Ask if they can conduct an interview; it also increase their exposure.

On the other hand, you can cross-promote other bloggers in your industry. You can promote articles on social media posts and blogs. In this way, they will favor you and start reading your content.

4. Promote and Grow

When more people read your blog, more income can be generated. Growing your website traffic is an important step for making a high and good income. You should promote your site by following all these steps.

  • Optimize for SEO: Search engine optimization is an important step for your website’s visibility on Google. If you want people to easily read and find your blog, create content that should rank on the first page for organic search results.
  • Create a blog news letter. Another way to increase traffic to your blog post is by creating an email newsletter to promote your content. Build an email list that allows you to tap directly into the reader’s inbox and share your more relevant content.
  • Build a social media strategy: Not promoting your content and blog posts on social media is another mistake. You should use social media marketing like SEO. You should share the link to your blogs on your personal account and also promote them on social media by sharing your entire contact list. Try creating a Facebook business page so that you can showcase and promote your content in a professional way.

5. Advertise with Your Blog

When you write a good post and want to make more traffic come to your posts, you should advertise your content by following some steps:

  • Create high-quality content
  • Find Amazing keywords
  • Choose ad style and size
  • Test your ad placement
  • Customize your ad design
  • I took professional photos
  • Promote your content on social media

6. Offer Paid Subscriptions

You can also get paid by allowing local readers to buy access to exclusive content and blogs through creating and selling subscription plans.

When readers will want to explore your blog before deciding whether to buy or not, you should provide some content for free and give them a preview of such exclusive posts that offer subscribers the option of buying content.

7. Sale eBooks and More

Another major option for generating income is selling products directly through your blog. You can open an online store and sell items related to your blog niche and personal brands. Many bloggers sell digital goods as well.

  • eBooks
  • Online courses / blogs
  • Webinars and virtual events
  • T-shirts and stickers
  • Hand-made crafts
  • Printable
  • Workshops

8. Become an Affiliate

For high income and to earn more and more, all top bloggers use affiliate marketing as a part of their monetization strategy. Affiliate marketing is an easy source of passive income.

Affiliate marketing essentially means that you make money with blogging by promoting other people’s products. This involves adding affiliate links to various products or services within your posts and across your social media accounts.

When your site visitors click on the links and make a purchase through your website, you earn a commission from it. To fill brands with affiliate marketing programs that can connect you with different products and companies. These programs include:

  • CJ affiliate
  • Share a sale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Click bank

9. Write Sponsored Content

Many companies approach you with sponsorship opportunities as well as as your blog grows. Company advertises their products to your audience. These posts try to take the form of a review of how you use the products of the company.

A good practice is to recommend the products you truly believe in. Look for partnerships that enable you to create a series of sponsored posts across an extended period of time.

For these opportunities, you need to wait for companies to find you. Reach out to the top organization in your field and take advantage of brand collaborations.

10. Provide Consulting Services

Another way to make money with blogging involves applying all the knowledge you have gained as a professional blogger. Using your blog as a portfolio after your own expertise as a service and promoting yourself as a consultant for companies

There are many types of blogs, like sports, design, and natural stepping stones for consulting businesses. You might build on your blogging experience to become a digital marketing consultant. After starting, offer services to individuals and clients. You can also branch into group services.

Final Words

At last, I would like to say that make money with blogging takes time and a little struggle. You can earn a good income monthly. Focus on basic tips, write a good blog, and earn a high income. You should focus on generating a good niche, selecting good keywords, writing quality content, and investing in digital marketing.


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